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Parisian Moments is a lifestyle brand founded by authors and photographers David C. Phillips and Georgianna Lane. We have a passion for Paris and for sharing the beauty, elegance, style and character of the city – through our writing, photographs, workshops and other activities..

When we say “set your life to Paris time” we do so with careful consideration. We know that many people the world over adore Paris. They have either been there and are now back at home in the USA, Australia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Japan and so on. Or they have always longed to go to Paris but haven’t yet realized that dream.

We also are aware of the fact that we have many followers and customers who live in Paris and just love the photographs we take of their wonderful city. Whatever the circumstance, we believe that having great pictures of one of the world’s most beautiful cities will help keep the memories, the dreams and the appreciation alive. 


So we walk the streets of Paris from early morning until well into the night with the best camera equipment available and top quality lenses and capture views of the city which we feel will evoke those great memories and fuel the dreams. We carefully edit each photo to bring out the best. Then we have them printed on top quality materials by the best photographic labs and ship them to you with great care. And we write with care our observations, thoughts and feelings about this extraordinary city. 

This website is about much more than offering prints of Paris and France. We post photos and articles about everything Parisian and French in Le Journal. We hope you will subscribe and join the community, leaving comments and letting us and your fellow voyagers know what you think. We have an inspiration section to show you how the prints and canvases will look in various rooms and decor styles. 

We offer high quality prints and canvases for people to hang on the walls of their homes, offices, for hotels and public spaces, all with the purpose of bringing the best of classic Paris into your life.


We provide highly personalized service and go the extra mile. We have been known to meet someone’s request for a specific photo (a memory from a trip) by going out and shooting the specific location for them. They were then able to purchase the print from us at the usual price. If you want something that you don’t see in the shop, be assured that we have tens of thousands of other images that are just too many to list. So ask us. We’ll help if we can. If you are looking for a particularly color combination or need a suggestion of prints to go with a print you have chosen, write to us. We will help whenever we can. If you want a different size, an image on canvas instead of a print, a custom collection, and don't see what you want listed, please ask us. We are very flexible. 


We would love you to join our mailing list, subscribe to Le Journal, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, pin our images to your Pinterest boards, write to us whenever you feel like it, browse our prints, canvases and stationery items and order any items you love. 

Our aim is to help you set your life to Paris time. 

Georgianna and David

Founders and Owners
Parisian Moments