Paris: Under Grey Skies

Always elegant, always beautiful, no matter what the weather.

We hope you are well and, as always, greatly appreciate your visits and kind comments.

David is Chile, where it is summer and blue skies. I'm in foggy Seattle, preparing for our upcoming travel adventures. We both wish each of you a beautiful and safe week ahead, under grey skies or blue.

 bientôt! G & D

Paris: Seine-sationally

Morning light (above) and evening light (below) at the beautiful Pont Notre Dame.

  Summer evening at the Petit Pont with the famous Bateaux Mouches filled with tourists living their Parisian dreams.

  Dawn over the Seine looking toward the Île de la Cité.

Hello everyone! We didn't mean to take such a long break but a few life adventures took priority.

We're back now with much more Parisian goodness to come.

And in appreciation to all who visit, from now through December 20th, take 20% off all fine art print purchases here including our 2013 Classic Paris Calendar. Just use coupon code THANKYOU20.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday season and a New Year in which all your Parisian dreams come true!

Georgianna and David

Paris: More A-door-ingly

Bonjour! We hope this finds you well at the changing of the seasons. Like many photographers and travelers, we are fascinated by the beauty and mystery of doors. And where better to find beautiful examples than along the streets of Paris. I finally had a chance recently to process some new ones from my last trip there in May so here they are: I love the variety of colors and have tried to capture as much of a spectrum as possible. In fact, we have so many Paris door photos now that I've made a dedicated section in our shop just for them here. And created this new piece which is a single 12" x 12" image made up of six of our favorites: Select images are now also available matted which really pleases me. It's so easy to frame them and the mats I've chosen are the best archival, double mats available. And, since we'll be traveling again soon, I've gone ahead and released our 2013 Paris calendar which features neutral-toned, classic Paris images from our current collection. We've made it super affordable like last year's calendar which proved a very popular holiday gift. It's available here right now and we're offering all of our loyal blog readers a 20% discount through October 15th. (Use coupon code CAL20) Here's a sample month:
    And the full 12 months of images:

As always, we appreciate you stopping by and sharing our views of this amazing city.

Thank you and à bientôt!

David and Georgianna

Paris: Sur la Plage

The month of August is like no other in Paris. Tens of thousands of residents leave for their annual holiday and signs firmly stating "FERMÉ" are a regular and often disappointing notice that favorite shops, florists, bistros and museums are closed until after the 31st.

But a festive transformation takes place along The Seine when the Paris Plages (Paris Beaches) program is launched. Riverside roadways are closed, tons of sand are brought in by barge and then fashioned into inviting beaches dotted with blue umbrellas, deck chairs and even palm trees! And it's all free.
    You can stroll along, play beach vollyball, enjoy refreshments or just relax with a summer novel, all within view of the Eiffel Tower.

Pétanque boules are provided free for play along the temporary courts.

Paris Plages is a hugely successful event each year. Wriggling your toes in the sand while enjoying the parade of life in Paris certainly seems like the best of both worlds! À bientôt!

Paris: Bloomingly

Sunrise in the Tuilieries, May 2012. Roses in full bloom, Jardin du Musée Rodin, May 2012 (above and all below). Hello, everyone! We certainly didn't mean to be away from here so long but we've been traveling, traveling, traveling. Since the last post, we've been to Venice, Verona, London, Birmingham (UK), Amsterdam, Haarlem, the Canary Islands, and yes, Paris!

I visited the City of Light at the end of May and was blessed with perfect weather. Roses were blooming, cafes were full and the evening light lingered well past 9:00 pm. I rented a terrific apartment one minute from the Tuileries which enabled me to easily arrive for sunrise photos in the gardens and sunset photos at The Louvre.

One hazy but warm morning was spent at the Musée Rodin where the glorious roses were at their peak. And I even managed at day trip to Versailles. All of which means we have many more Paris images to bring to you in the coming months.

**Please note: Over the next two weeks, we will be changing servers and platforms for this blog. We are doing our best to ensure all posts and comments and followers are migrated seamlessly. If you are not yet a follower, please consider signing up for our updates via email (link on sidebar) or otherwise to ensure we stay connected. We have so much more to share here with each of you and big plans for the future of this site.

(During this transition, you may see some earlier posts pop up in your feed. We hope that's not an inconvenience and maybe you'll enjoy seeing some of the old posts again!)

Wishing you a beautiful week.

Á bientôt!

G & D

Paris: Menu Boards

Every bistro, cafe, brasserie and even the ice cream shops display them – each different, usually beautifully hand-lettered and always tempting! Menu boards are as much a fixture of Paris cafe culture as the ever-fascinating selection of chairs. :)
(above, by Georgianna; below, by David)

(all above, Georgianna)
(above left, David; above right and bottom, Georgianna)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with a delicious meal, some people watching and a relaxing time at your favorite bistro or cafe.

À bientôt!

G & D

Paris: Diptychs

Hello, everyone! We hope you are well. In the midst of a very busy month, I've been having a lot of fun creating diptychs of our images from Paris. They seem appropriate for overall theme here at Paris By Two so I'll begin sharing them with the hope that you'll enjoy them, too!
The Eiffel Tower (left, Georgianna; right, David)

Complimentary colors (left, Georgianna; right, David)

Parapluies (left, David, right, Georgianna)

Golden flowers (both by Georgianna)

I also created a digital portfolio of garden and flower-themed diptychs with MANY more photos which you can view here.

And, I created fine art prints of a few which are here now. These were popular at my recent Paris-themed trunk show (you can see some photos from it here).

Maybe all these will make up for me being away so long! Thank you as always for your visits and encouraging comments. Have a marvelous rest of the week.

G & D

Paris: Le Petit Zinc

Le Petit Zinc in Saint Germain captivated us with its unique Art Nouveau details and decor. One street away from the jam-packed frenzy that is Boulevard Saint Germain, it's a quiet little respite on a hot afternoon. (Above: David. Below: Georgianna)
Copper signs, silver chairs and ornate floral panels – pure delight in the details. (Below: Georgianna. Bottom: David.)
Even the exit sign is pretty! (All below: Georgianna)
Thank you for your visits and lovely comments! We wish you a terrific week!

D & G

Paris: Statuesquely

Above and below: At l'Hôtel de Ville (by Georgianna)

• • • •

As seen in the Tuileries:

(by Georgianna)

(by David)

(by Georgianna)

(by David)

(by Georgianna)

(by David)

See? We really do shoot different things. Even in the same park! :) I wait for there to be no one in the frame, while David is a master at candids of people. (Hope no one is offended; we thought they were innocently amusing.

(by Georgianna)

Lots more of Paris to come!

Have a wonderful week and weekend. Take in a museum or sculpture gallery!

G & D

Paris: Barely There







Happy New Year to everyone!  We hope your holidays were splendid – many thanks for your visits and comments. Wishing you health, joy, creative fulfillment – and that trip to Paris in 2012!

(Some of these new images are now here, too)

Á Bientôt!

G & D